Feelings, Emotions, Moods

May 9th, 2021

Feelings, emotions and moods are real and great to be experienced. These various states of life can lead to fun and rewarding experience. Experiencing derives from such states  can inspire, provoke, incite or arouse situations. Whatever types of feelings, emotions, moods may not matter, what matters is the impact derived from inclination. Positive feelings, emotions, or moods have so much benefits and satisfaction if channeled to productive resources. Negative feelings, emotions, or moods can lead to conscious or unconscious bad behavior. People vary in cognitive, character and objective, therefore, each person’s situation or experience is based on individual relevance and exaction. Feeling is an emotional state of reaction.

Emotion is experienced as a response to situations which often arouse curiosity. Emotion is a display of physical manifestation of how a person feels which can be conscious physical or mental reaction. Physical or mental reactions can turn into positive no matter the types of situation. Exercising emotion or emotional reaction impacts people positively or negatively. The ability to turn reactions from feelings, emotions or moods to positive tendency or urge to act  is what is most needed. 

Moods can be feelings that have no clear cause.  Though no clear cause but can generate varieties of emotion intentions or experience outcome. Such experience can lead to anger, pride, happiness, mental exertion. Avoiding regret, worry, fear, and judgment creates peace and satisfaction. Importantly, focusing on now and enjoying every moment matters most because of its great rewards. Focusing on now and connecting with present occurrences have great rewards. 

 There is no value from worry, regret, and fear. Though such situations sometimes generate motivational good stimulants. However, such shouldn’t occupy a larger part of life or daily occurrences.  Rather, facts and things of great report should dominate daily living.  There are great resources within and around that can create joy by converting feelings, emotions and moods experienced into blessings and positive outcomes.

 Individuals vary, moments, or experiences vary too. Now is a guarantee; therefore, enjoy every minute of now.  By embracing some of the little things that leads to happiness and achievement. It could be laughing out loud, chatting with a funny friend, expressing gratitude or uplifting someone. There are so many positive activities to engage rather than stressing over uncertainties and things without reward. 

 Rejoice for the little within and forget about the big stuff out there. That is if the big out there will not create a good experience. Embrace things that bring comfort and happiness by keeping away uncomfortable things and negative impartations. Jesus Christ knows and understand the situation and made a provision for us by overcoming such issues.  “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33 KJV)

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