Impact of Social Media

October 24th, 2021

Social media platforms are great avenues of blessings if utilized in truth. Through social media platforms many ​people ​are able to connect with relations and desired audiences. Marketers are able to build brands with great contents. However, lots of lies are communicated daily through social media because some people are seeking approval of others without validation.

In this information age, the impacts of ethics and virtues are gradually losing strength to social ills. Morality is diminishing, aspiration for fame and riches are rising in this era. People are scorning the truth and complacent about the truth of God. While many are leaning towards immorality and some zealous towards social peril. Vanity and fake grandeurs are receiving louder applause and there are high levels of competition for attention; even among strangers who do​ not ​ really care or offer things of value.

What can everyone do to utilize the best social media offers to the world? Calling lovers of truth, and those with the ability to understand and share others feelings for help. False statements and actions need to be shown and reality must be embraced. There is a need for urgency to search and embrace truthfulness now. Think of the next Generations. There is a need for the next Generations to know what is true, admirable and reality.

Calling for justice and truth for the sake of many: The Bible is true, reliable, and inspired by God. Is not the opinion of men but ​the ​t​ruth,​ ​​reliable​, and​ consistent words of God. What makes the Bible unique is that it is writ​en​ by many authors, is the same in every nation and is always consistent, correct and current.

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