Your Most Desire

February 14th, 2021

This topic is controversial because a desire is subjective. People’s desires reflect who they are and what gives them meaningful moments in life. Individual desires differ, there is no general basic or a particular desire for everyone. Everyone’s needs are completely relevant and important. Everyone derives the best in life. However, some researchers have found out that some people are happier the way they are without luxury desires. Some people may have similar desires; however, people differ to great extent and their individual needs and accomplishments differ too. 

Therefore, this article places emphasis on motivation and motive for desire. Individual values depend on what motivates them to place value on a particular desire. For some the greatest desire could be money, fame, peace, freedom, power, happiness, reputation, passion, love, purpose, etc. For others, their most desirables may be family, status, integrity, time, etc. Whatever the aspiration, everyone’s desire is important depending on the motive. The most desire for one person may be the least necessary for another. Everyone is entitled to his or her choice.

All resources are important and valuable for enjoyment and solution. It is important to know every accomplishment requires dedication and effort to make it realized. It may be futile to have millions of money, when the amount actually required to be happy and accomplished is a thousand out of the millions. Some people have money but don’t have enough time to accomplish what they want while some have so much time without money or recourse to put the time to use. Values that influence individuals must conform with ability and purpose.

 Personal passion must not to be ignored when considering most desires. Individual passion needs to be evaluated and prioritized to conform with the ultimate desire. What is the point of having a private jet, if the jet owner’s passion is to exploit his or her surroundings with daily walking, or hacking in a nearby location? The Jet owner has not interest in air transport. What is the point having so much food? If all you can eat is 10% of the 100% foods while the 90% goes into the trash can? Individual desires should be channeled to what motivates a person to live a better life. For example, some people feel accomplished when they are able to help someone in need. Prudence and compliance have to correlate with resources and link with the ability to think or stay outside a box. Followed by innovation and the ability to create a unique solution. Some desirables or successes can be overwhelming. Creating goals require inputs and actions not passive but active. 

Whatever, the desire may be there are certain characteristics that must associate with individual desires. There is no point craving to have what others have when not sure of the process of attainment and what follows next. Nothing is wrong by  admiring someone’s achievement and asking God for a similar blessing. Is a proper thing to desire most or have all the most desirable achievements to live a life the way you want. 

However, desperation and false-full acquisition of desires by all means should be put off. Likewise procrastination, insecurity, and laziness must be out of the way. Setting a goal requires creativity, expectations, imaginations, and passion. To achieve any goal there is a tradeoff; such as time, fun, and etc. Success depends on God ; the creature of heaven and earth. He knows what each and everyone needs at a particular  time.

Hence, the Bible says anyone that compares himself or herself to others is not wise. The abilities, processes and stages that follow are most important; such as self-improvement, ability to learn, (learning from mistakes), humility. Everyone has imperfection. Some of these prerequisites may reflect on individual humility,  (humble enough to let your ego down). Able to utilize the resources for well-being of others if needed, ready to learn from failure, or able to take required action in a roadblock situation.

Motive and inspiration for a desire is most important. What is the motivation for such accomplishment?  This question requires individual opinion. No one is better off than others in everything. What others have that seems great in public eyes may not be as good as it appears to. What others are or what people think they are may not be so in real life or what others may want. What you have could be the best for you. You may not need such desires or luxuries. Desires are accomplishment not entitlement.  Each and every successful person faces issues. Are you ready to take some risks, put extra work, improve your knowledge, adapt to changes? Every success starts somewhere and requires work and maintenance. Before asking for a particular desire, people should first of all ask what to do with the desire, will the desire lead to a happy existence?

Whatever the desire or goal, there are always processes and certain levels of productivity to realize the goals. Some goals may need more time to achieve. Money, time, or other resources can be wasted without accomplishment of the desired goals. “The LORD magnified Solomon exceedingly in the sight of all Israel, and bestowed upon him such royal majesty as had not been on any king before him in Israel (1 Chronicles 29:25 KJV)” Solomon desire was met by God because of his purpose. Solomon made a pure sincere request. He asked God to give him a discerning heart to govern people and to distinguish between right and wrong. God granted him because of the motive. Leaders ought to seek the public interest not self interest . “The blessing of the LORD maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it” (Proverbs 10:22 KJV) Our prayer should be LORD grant me my own according to your purpose for me. “And having food and raiment let us be therewith content” (1 Timothy 6:8 KJV)

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